Lauren & Joseph - March 18, 2017

There is no more honest indication of love than body language and this happy couple seem to effortlessly show affection where ever they go. On their wedding day, Lauren and Joe never turned away from each other- Whether they were kissing in the cold for their winter wonderland photos or dancing to their favorite songs with their closest friends and family, they remained close and connected. From walking down the isle to their confetti-dusted immersion from the church, all eyes were naturally on this bride and groom. And who wouldn’t watch with envy as they held each other every step of the way? Their laughter through out the night was magnetic and they sang to each other in unity on the dance floor with reckless abandon— We hope the truest love continues to follow these two forever!

Venue & Vendors:

    How they met…
    In 2014, Lauren decided to venture out on her own to buy a house. The house she purchased ended up being right next door to Joseph’s sister. They quickly became friends and Lauren would always hear stories about her thoughtful and caring brother. It turns out, his sister was also singing Lauren's praises as well! One summer night they were introduced and quickly hit it off. At the end of that night he asked to take her out. Their first date was the following Friday and they both had an amazing time!

    Their engagement story…
    They were dating for one year when Joseph asked Lauren to marry him one hot summer day. In typical romantic fashion, he took her to a restaurant where they were escorted to the Chef's Loft for an intimate dining experience. After their meal, Joseph walked Lauren to a nearby bridge that overlooked a beautiful lake. She was marveling at the beauty for a few moments then turned to Joseph and found him down on one knee. According to Lauren, it was such a beautiful moment. And the surprises weren't over! Joseph had their closest family and friends at their house waiting for them to celebrate. They have been together for almost two years now.

    Q: What was your favorite part of your wedding?
    A: "It is so hard to pick just one favorite part of my wedding day. Two moments really stand out to me. The first was the weather. I am probably the only bride that smiled when it started to rain. After all, I was always told it was good luck. We went to a nearby park, the same park we got engaged to take pictures. Joseph and I felt like royalty. Our driver drove the Rolls Royce right up to the bridge and we got out to take pictures. People were stopping us to tell us that our red umbrella was a nice touch. After the rain came the snow! When we got to Il Tulipano the snow started falling. We were having so much fun and just had to get our there for some pictures!My second favorite moment was our first dance. Being surrounded by loved one while dancing with the love of my life was so surreal. It was perfect, ending with Joseph swooping me up and spinning while we kissed. It was such a special moment."

    Photography by Jose & Stephen | Cinematography by Simon