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Brian Delia Photography was started in 2009 with just 12 weddings, in a very small apartment office. Since, the company has grown to over 300 Weddings & Events each year with several industry awards for excellence. From 2012, the company has won the prestigious WeddingWire.com "Couples Choice Award" which recognizes the top 5% of wedding vendors nationwide and the company was also one of the top nominees for the Most Accomplished Award at the 2016 WeddiAwards hosted by WeddingWire.com. and The Knot "Best of Weddings" award. New for 2018 was our induction into TheKnot Hall of Fame!

Brian Delia Photography is a trendy, creative, and professional wedding photography company that strives for excellence. The company offers a truly unique and forward thinking service, at a very competitive price point.


Brian Delia

When I started my company in 2009, I had no clue to the industry acceptance that I would receive. My goal was to provide my clients with everything that most photographers did not offer.

My interest in photography and video started when I was twelve years old. Since then, I continued to do photography and video operation but this time it was my career. In 2003, I began professionally offering my services and working freelance while attending college. When I got married in 2008, I was then able to see how it was on the other side... as the groom. I knew my current photography & video services had to change to weddings.

In 2012, we received our first Brides Choice Award from Weddingwire and finished off the year with record number of weddings. Since then we have received several awards from Weddingwire & The Knot. We are happy to tell our clients about our achievements as well as the fact that we go above and beyond to maintain our 5 star rating from our clients. My goal is to provide my clients with professional services, creative works, and memories for a lifetime.

Bachelors Degree in Digital Arts & Design - Full Sail University - Winter Park, FL

Masters Degree in Internet Marketing - Full Sail University Online - Winter Park, FL

Over 1,000 Weddings & Events since 2003  |  Canon Professional



I have several years of experience in client relations and event planning under my professional belt. I enjoy every aspect of working with clients to make their special day even better! However, weddings remain some of the only events that can move me to both tears and laughter. I love my job here at Brian Delia Photography. Allow me to make your wedding day photography and cinematography as organized, relaxing, and enjoyable as possible.

COO & Sales Director at Brian Delia Photography




I have been a traditional artist my whole life and I am proud to announce my transition and incorporation of my background into photography for the last 5 years. I am currently working at Brian Delia Photography as the Studio Manager, Photographer & Editor. My educational background is in Graphic Design from Kean University and I really enjoy working in the creative industry. I feel comfortable and confident in my ability to provide creative, photo journalistic, and traditional style images to the clients of Brian Delia Photography. I am excited to get to know you and work with you!

Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design - Kean University - Union, NJ

Over 300+ Weddings |  Studio Manager  |  Wedding & Event Photographer  |  Image & Video Editor  |  Canon Professional


Photography has always been an obsession of mine since I was a child. I started my professional career about 10 years ago and these have been some of my most successful years.
I absolutely love shooting weddings, it helps me be creative by catching those important moments, those facial expressions that will last forever. When working with couples, i strive to create unique non-traditional photos by always finding new and interesting angles. I do not put my focus on posing people. My approach is simple and very much photojournalistic.
I am always trying to create story out of my photos. My eyes are constantly on lookout for any interesting moments that occur during a wedding.

200+ Weddings & Events since 2009  |  Canon Operator


Tomasz discovered his passion for wedding photography ten years ago, after photographing a few weddings for friends.  He found his artistic vision invigorated by striving to visually encapsulate such an emotionally profound event in people’s lives.  He was hooked, and wedding photography became his primary interest.  His photography is imbued with the depth of sentiment unique to weddings, and provides a vivid narrative comprising the event’s special moments. 

Tomasz’s photographic style is a nice blend of photojournalism, classical portraiture, and creative imagery.  His photography is adoration of reality.  Reality, as it is happening in front of the camera.  His photographs have touched the hearts of many families.

Tomasz lives in Jersey City with his wife and two sons.

250+ Weddings & Events | Nikon Professional


It was only after I traveled overseas alone, documenting my journeys, that I discovered my passion for photography. There was something beautiful about living in the moment and being able to keep that special place in that time of my life alive. I come from a production background in playwriting and directing and, therefore, want to tell a truly memorable story of your day.  I find inspiration in new surroundings and unique personalities, and want to create a visual narrative that tugs at your heart and soul.  My style is photojournalistic yet creative.  I pay attention to all the little details and emotions that make your day so special.   I am upbeat yet relaxed and want you to feel comfortable in front of my lens as if your friend is taking your photo.  I look forward to capturing your beautiful memories!

200+ Weddings & Events |  Canon Professional


Stephen has been a professional photographer for the past 7 years. He loves to shoot weddings and portraits. His approach to weddings is to catch moments that go unnoticed. He has a keen eye for detail and catching the overall mood of the people and place that he’s photographing. His aesthetic leans more towards the natural beauty of the environment and the people that embody it. Stephen is intrigued by the interaction of people and excited when he has the opportunity to capture it. He likes to have a connection when photographing people and knows when it’s the right time to snap a photo.

300+ Weddings & Events since 2010  |  Canon Professional


Currently working with Brian Delia Photography for last 5 years, I absolutely love working with the creative staff there. I find myself laughing and having a great time at every wedding!

300+ Weddings & Events  |  Canon Professional


“I have been a photographer and graphic designer for over 15 years.  I absolutely love capturing raw and true emotion in my work, its all about feeling something when you look at the photos at the end of the day.  I also love being creative and will almost always end up taking photos while hanging from a cord somewhere in order to get the perfect photo.  I’m someone who feels that its also essential to have a good report with your couples, without that synergy everyone will feel uncomfortable and it will show in the work!  So its my job to keep everyone laughing and happy!”

Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design with a Minor in Photography- William Paterson University

Shot over 150 weddings since 2009

250+ Weddings  |  Nikon Professional


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Over 100+ Weddings | Photo Editor | Photographer & Cinematographer  |  Canon Professional


My photography story began at my postgraduate degree graduation when I realized that business school is not my destination but only a stepping stone toward my pursuit of happiness. Since that moment my heart thrived when around photography and rejoiced when able to capture anything beautiful through a lens.

I have studied photography in Vienna Austria and Bratislava Slovakia for 3 years at different institutions and universities. When I moved to NYC area, I discovered my passion for wedding photography. Weddings provide the perfect opportunity for me to capture people in very universal human moments. My entire being searches for that perfect moment that makes a perfect memory. I thrive on the excitement and energy of the wedding day, it allows me to tap into the emotions and express my creativity.

In addition to weddings, I continue my photography education via different media and work on several personal photography projects.

100+ Weddings & Events  |  Canon Professional


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500+ Weddings & Events - Professional Photographer


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500+ Weddings & Events - Professional Photographer


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250+ Weddings & Events - Professional Photographer





I have known and worked with Brian since he started his company in 2009 and I am excited to capture each wedding as a team member and close friend. The ever evolving industry has allowed me to expand my knowledge and experience with each wedding I capture. 

500+ Weddings & Events - Professional Cinematographer



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250+ Weddings & Events - Professional Cinematographer



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250+ Weddings & Events - Professional Cinematographer



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100+ Weddings & Events since 2013  |  Canon Operator


I began my career in Bulgaria in 1983 as a video operator for the local news station. Over the last 30 years I have been a camera operator and photographer for a wide array of events and documentary's. For over the last 15 years my main focus has been weddings and events. I offer my clients professional services for their weddings and events. My equipment setup is about $15,000 worth of the most updated and professional industry equipment. On average, I provide my services (Photography & Video) to about 200-250 clients each year and I hope to provide you with my services at your next event!

Over 5,000 Weddings, Events, and Documentaries since 1983  |  Canon & Sony Professional Operator



I was born and raised in Israel. I studied documentary filmmaking at Sapir College in the Negev.  

In between making documentary films, I started to film weddings for my friends and relatives.  I really had a blast filming and editing these big moments and knew that it was something I wanted to pursue full-time.  I moved to the United States with my wife and 3 children in 2004 and began working as an editor for a local company. I learned a lot from editing the work of other videographers. In 2012 I began to primarily film weddings and all kinds of special events.  

Over 850 Events since 2012  |  Canon  Professional Operator