Referrals at Brian Delia Photography

We truly appreciated your business and happy to hear of your referral!

Starting January 31, 2019… Refer a wedding client and get rewarded, handsomely! (See Below)


10x10” Italian Handmade Album

Refer 5 or more clients and receive a handmade Italian Album w/ 30 pages, leather binding, and acrylic cover (Up to 100 images).


16x20” Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print

Refer 2 Clients and receive a Beautiful 16x20” Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print of your choice!


11x14” Gator Board (Foamcore) Print

Refer 1 Client and receive a Beautiful 11x14” Gator Board Foamcore Print of your choice!


*This promotional offer applies to new client bookings that occur after January 31, 2019. Promotional rewards listed above must be claimed within 1 year following the booking date of the client that was referred. If you make a referral to a client that books with us, please email the studio with the clients names & wedding date to collect your reward!