Jennifer & Barrett - September 27th 2015

We feel so honored to have captured this timeless wedding. Not only did Jennifer and Barrett have PERFECT weather, but the location of their big day was absolutely breathtaking. Here's a look into their love story...

Venue & Vendors:

Montague Retreat Center - 177 Ripley Rd. - Montague, MA 01351

How it began...

"Jen and I met on when internet dating was still taboo. We both went onto the site to just check things out and matched almost immediately.
After chatting for just a few days we decided to meet mid way between where we both lived for a bite to eat and chance to chat face to face. Our planned lunch date turned into 11hrs of talking, laughing, and instant chemistry - it was love.

We dated for several years with the obligatory break to "find ourselves" before settling down together. Overall we have know each other for over 8yrs and yet it feels like a lifetime of memories together.

It was November 2015 that I finally asked Jen to marry me. Though I planned it for months, it came down to a freak snowstorm making things interesting at the last minute. Having asked her parents, told my own, and designed the perfect custom ring, all that was left was for the right way to ask her. My plan was to hike one of the tallest peaks in the NE and there on top of the world, overlooking the Mt. Washington valley, I planned to ask the woman of me dreams, my best friend, to marry me.
I woke up at 5am to an alert on my phone notifying me of a snowstorm approaching. Naturally this spoiled the plan and forced my timeline to accelerate. Thinking fast, I woke Jen up saying I wanted to go watch the sunrise over the valley. She thought I was crazy but for some reason agreed to the adventure. By the time we left the hotel there was over 5in of snow on the ground and it as coming down sideways.
We made it to the mountain base and could barely see a thing. It was there, in the blinding snow, that I convinced her to join me outside with only the cars headlights to see by. I got down on one knee (in the nearly 7in of new snow at this point) and asked her to be mine forever. With the fresh tears freezing to her face, she smiled the biggest I have ever seen and said yes.
It was the greatest moment of my life!"

Photography by Gabrielle | Cinema by Brian