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Chelsea & Bill - April 29, 2017

After the holidays, the later winter months can be a dreary time for some of us in the Northern U.S. Bill decided it was a perfect time to propose to the love of his life, Chelsea, on the stage of his venue one January night. With friends and family patiently hiding in the wings, the beginning of the rest of their lives kicked off then with a kiss and an enthusiastic "yes". The theme of their wedding was an ommage to Spring- Chelsea's succulent bouquet accented the lush greenery in their formals and the lavender bridesmaids' dresses. Their wedding was a time to celebrate both their love for each other and their relationship with God. Moving, spiritual, romantic, and fresh- This couple's wedding was inventive and working with them was an absolute treat! We know they will prosper with laughs and understanding all the rest of their days.

Venue & Vendors:

  • Church - Vincent United Methodist Church - Nutley, NJ
  • Venue - The Graycliff - Moonachie, NJ
  • Photo - Brian Delia Photography - Clifton, NJ

Q: How did you two meet?
A: We met at our alma mater, Albright College, in 2011. Specifically, in the kitchen of a mutual friend before Billy's fraternity formal. We did shots of Southern Comfort Pepper and then went our separate ways. So romantic, right?! Billy says he felt a spark that night, but we didn't really connect until a year later.

Q: How long have you been together?
A: Four and a half years! Time flies when you're having fun!

Q: What is your engagement story? Where did it take place?
Our engagement story starts with Billy's concert venue, Radiant. I would sit with him for hours at the shows, listening to music that I wasn't a fan of, just to be with and support him. Around September of 2015, Billy felt the time was nearing to close the venue down. It was also around that time that he decided he wanted a freckle-faced wife! A few months went by and, unbeknownst to me, Billy had picked out and purchased an engagement ring while I was out of town so he could propose on the final night of concerts, January 10. The final night was a blast! Billy got onstage and sang with the bands, got shout outs from the bands for giving them a place to play, and shout outs from the patrons for giving them a place to listen to their favorite bands. It was the perfect way to end the run of Radiant, but the night was still young. Everybody cleared out until we were the only people left. I wanted to get a picture of Billy on stage under the Radiant sign, but needed Billy's phone because mine was dead. Little did I know that in his pocket, on top of his phone, was the ring box. He carefully pulled the phone out but dropped the ring box. Somehow I did not see it. Billy got up on the stage while I took pictures of him, hoping that I wouldn't see the box in his pocket. Once I was done, Billy invited me to share a moment with him on stage while he stared at the Radiant sign. At this point, I was tired and wanted to go home, but I obliged because I knew how emotional that night was. He thanked me for all of my unending support and then said, "All the world's a stage, which is appropriate because my world is standing on this stage with me one last time". Then, he finished with saying "I don't know what adventure awaits me next, but I know that when one door closes, another opens." He then swung around, got on his knee and asked me "Chelsea Elizabeth Davis, will you marry me?" After asking a couple of times if he was serious and if this was really happening I managed to say yes! After a few minutes and many kisses, his parents, brother and a few friends emerged from hiding places to celebrate and share pictures of the entire proposal!

Q: Was there a theme to your wedding day?
A: Romantic, rustic, elegant, vision was all over the place! I think in the end it settled down to romantic and classic. We definitely wanted our day to reflect who we are and why we were all there that day. I also didn't want it to be too trendy (think the teased and permed hair and poofy bridesmaid dresses in your parent's wedding album) or identical to other weddings. It was your standard wedding but with some unique twists thrown in. Instead of a unity candle, we did a cord of three strands ceremony. The ceremony is about not just being married to each other, but also to God. I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd, so our cake topper was the word "always" in a beautiful gold script. Lavender is my favorite color and scent, so I incorporated it into the bridesmaid dresses, the bouquets, and the candles on tables at the reception.

Q: How are you going to remember your wedding day from now on?
A: As the absolute best day of our lives!! A lot of people told us to take a moment and soak it all in. We did, and in those moments we could really feel the love in the room. It was overwhelming, but in the best possible way. To be surrounded by so many people that we love as they celebrate our love...nothing better.

Photography by Gabrielle & Yan | Cinema by Brian - Brian Delia Photography
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