Dina & Bill - September 29, 2016

It's safe to say that Dina & Bill are not your average couple. These two had us laughing and crying uncontrollably from beginning to end. On the morning of their wedding, Bill gifted his bride with a pair of designer sunglasses and a pair of UFC tickets which she accepted with all the excitement in the world. She slipped into her blush pink princess gown and placed her dazzlingly unique black diamond ring on her finger. When we arrived at Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ, we had no idea that we were about to capture one of our favorite "First Look" moments in history. As Dina snuck up behind her groom and tapped him on the shoulder, he turned around with a look that made everyone say "I want someone to be that excited to see me!" You could tell just by looking at these two how much fun they have together and that they are genuinely each other's best friend. After some tearful "I do's" they were all smiles again as they entered their party in classic Dina & Bill fashion.... sunglass wearing, championship belt holding, money throwing & dancing to Notorious B.I.G. Fast forward to the end of the night, the couple that epitomizes the word GOALS posed for a "Thank You" shot while sharing a donut. Mr. & Mrs. Rogers.... Thank you for being you. We enjoyed the hell out of it.

Venue & Vendors:

How they met...

We started working together at a Retro Fitness in Fairfield, NJ in 2010. We have been together ever since!

Their Engagement Story...

Since we met at Retro Fitness and I (Dina) still work for the company, Bill thought it was fitting to propose to me at my companies yearly convention in Disney World during our awards dinner. Bill reached out to the Vice President of my company to coordinate when and how he would be able to pull off such an amazing surprise. He ended up going up as a guest presenter with an awards plaque engraved "Dina will you marry me". Prior to handing my the plaque he gave all 500 plus guests a speech on how we met, what I mean to him, how he had an important question to ask me and so asked me to come on stage. It was just perfect.

Favorite part of their wedding day...

Bills favorite part was our wedding entrance. We did a Connor McGregor themed entrance. Seemed fitting for us two big MMA fans. I have two favorites, the first being our first look. I think the pictures that Brian and Gabby captured for us here speak for themselves. Two, I just really enjoyed dancing the night away with our guests. I have never had that much fun in my life and even this soon after I think "I wish we could do it again!"

Photography by Gabrielle | Cinematography by Brian