Meghan & Jim - June 18, 2016

This flawless summer wedding started out with the bride and her girls getting ready at a quaint lake house in Northern New Jersey. With nothing short of perfect weather, they toasted the soon to be Mrs. Camb out on the dock. At the church, the groom anxiously awaited his bride, and was soon greeted by her warm smile and ruffled skirt. After this bubbly couple said their "I do's" and stole a few kisses, they were off to the Rockaway River Country Club. The combination of the colorful bridal party and the immaculate landscape of the golf course perfectly matched the bright and cheerful tone of the day. With their signature green "vacation" cocktails flowing, the guests were definitely in vacay mode! This unbelievably sweet and fun couple danced the night away before they rode off into the sunset... on a golf cart of course!

Venue & Vendors:

How they met...

Jim and I met in high school (11 years ago) and began dating. We have been together ever since.

Their Engagement story...

I am a very difficult person to surprise and I tend to some how always figure it out. So Jim made it his goal to do just that. He planned a surprise engagement on the lake I grew up on at my grandparents house (I am extremely close with them and we even got married on their 61st wedding anniversary). Jim wanted to go down on the dock to eat breakfast and of course I gave him a hard time because it was 100 degrees this day. He did tell my grandma about the engagement and she decide to put her heavy bathrobe on and walk down herself to prove it wasn't that hot. She insisted it wasn't bad. I agreed and went down to the dock. When we got down on the dock with in a few short minutes he asked me to marry him. He had other family members hidden on a boat in the lake that morning to witness and take pictures of the moment he proposed. Needless to say I was extremely surprised and learned that the night before he even had to hide my grandmother in a closet because I walked in on him telling her he was going to ask me to marry him, and almost ruined it. Jim got so good at surprising me he even planned a surprise honeymoon and I didn't know where we were going until the day we left. 11 years of dating and this was truly the best year yet!

Photography by Gabrielle & Jason | Cinema by Brian